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Layer: USA Crime Index (ID: 0)

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: This map shows a comparable measure of crime in the United States. The crime index compares the average local crime level to that of the United States as a whole. An index of 100 is average. A crime index of 120 indicates that crime in that area is 20 percent above the national average. The crime data is provided by AGS. The geography depicts states at greater than 25m scale, counties at 1m to 25m scale, Census Tracts at 250k to 1m scale, and Census Block Groups at less than 250k scale. The map is designed to be displayed with semi-transparency of 30-50% for overlay on other basemaps, which is reflected in the legend for the map. A basemap with relatively few colors on it, such as the Terrain map in, works well with this map when transparency is used.

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Copyright Text: Copyright:© 2010 ESRI, AGS

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